Frequently Asked Questions

With a dedicated server you can enjoy better performance, many sites on one server, installing custom and specialized software, full control and ability to resell space from your own server.

Web hosting with Starware is as ease as 123,first you have to choose the plan you intend to use, tell us the domain name you like, complete account information and pay with your credit card or direct transfer to our bank accounts.

No, there are no hidden fees. The server's price will remain fixed for the life of the server.

No. Starware already offers a service with the lowest risk possible, and we don't require long term contracts.

No. We don’t claim our customers with extra fees for setup operation except monthly payment's clients.

Starware Provides free unlimited 24-hour technical support via e-mail, and our extensive online knowledge base and support center. We also offer a dedicated support person for our Front Page Customers.

Dedicated servers are NOT backed up by us and it is the responsibility of the client to maintain backup. Customer can use in this case the free offered FTP backup space with each server.
For shared and reseller customers we offer a weekly backup system which contain all of your data stored that save a full image of your sites.

Simply you are free to leave, but you have to complete and send us your cancellation form at least 10 days before your billing date.

Yes, you can build your own server through our "build your own" page.
Custom servers are more expensive as more flexible.

RAID stands for 'Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks'. It is a technique for using multiple hard drives to provide fault tolerance.RAID require at least two drives. All data is written to both drives simultaneously. Although at Starware we only use high quality hardware, the worst can occasionally happen and hard drives do sometimes fail. With RAID 1, if one of the drives fails the system can continue to run normally with just the remaining drive. We can then schedule a mutually convenient time to replace the failed drive, meaning minimal downtime for your server. Without RAID, a single hard drive failure could result in several days downtime in the worst case scenario that it was necessary to reinstall the operating system from scratch. Please note that on a RAID 1 system, the storage capacity is effectively halved. A pair of 250 GB hard drives will give you 250 GB of storage space, not 500 GB. If you have more advanced requirements, we are also able to do custom RAID 5 systems with 3 or more hard drives.

We offer management only for windows servers.
All Linux servers are unmanaged.

Yes. With our remote management card (DRAC) you have fully control of your server including operating system installation.

No, we didn't require minimum contract period, but clients who want to pay monthly have to pay a one time setup fee.

We offer a free choice of control panels among the best 3 brands (Helm – CPanel – Plesk),Usually we offer a control panel with Windows servers “Helm” for only $20.In case of Linux operating system you can choose CPanel for only $30 or Plesk for only $30.

All severs are brand new, Customer can choose each part of the server among the newest parts in the market before purchasing.After purchasing upgrades of RAM & HDD are allowed but depend on client's contract length and server's version.

We offer Windows web edition, Windows standard edition, and Windows enterprise edition.
We offer Linux any version on demand.

Yes. With our remote management card (DRAC) you have fully control of your server including operating system installation.

Our client’s servers are hosted on completely redundant Tier 1 upstream, the primary upstream is connected to fiber network that feeds into the backbone.


Our premium bandwidth is full dedicated works on a tier1 network with the most popular net carriers like Level3 and Savvis.

We sample the ethernet port on the switch every five minutes to determine how much data your machine is moving. We measure both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Yes. We do monitor the network proactively to prevent any attacks whenever possible.
NOTE: No one can protect you from a DOS attack, DoS attacks are not random so if you are the target then you will likely get hit no matter where you are hosted.

We provide full support for both MSSQL and MySQL databases.

Starware® guarantees the functioning of all dedicated hardware and will replace any failed component at no cost to the customer directly through “DELL Hardware Support”.

Helm is the leading windows control panel solution, empowering hosting providers to control, automate and sell virtually any product or service. Helm allows service providers to keep their operational costs down and serve their customers better, resulting in efficient service, improved revenue and greater level of customer satisfaction.
• Simple and easy to use
• Unbeatable flexibility
• Robust interface
• Extremely Secure
• High level of automation
• Built in billing system
• Unique custom built services
• Fastest development
• Best pricing
• Carbon neutral panel
Server Management
• Manage Unlimited Servers, Users and Domains
• Quickly add or remove servers as you grow
• Assign IPs and Services as resources to offer to your customers
• Customise services for complete flexibility
• Integration with IIS5 and IIS6 Webservers
• Integration with SmarterMail, MailEnable, IMail, Merak, MDaemon and hMailServer Mail Servers
• Integration with Microsoft FTP, Serv-U FTP and Gene6 FTP Server
• Integration with SimpleDNS and Microsoft DNS Server
• Integration with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Server
• Support for DeepMetrix LiveStats 5, 6 and 7, SmarterStats and AWStats Statistics Servers
• Support for ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP and ColdFusion
• Support for Python and ASP.Net 2
• A new set of wizards that help people set up various parts of Helm in a step by step manner
• Manage Server IPs for dedicated and shared hosting
• Specify Internal and External IPs for NAT-Based configurations
• Add/Edit/Remove services such as Web, Email, DNS, FTP
• Use Helm's Service Distribution model to balance the load evenly across servers
• Make use of Helm's Self Diagnostic Tool to quickly find and resolve server problems
• View detailed error logs to track down any configuration problems
• Specify Global DNS records to be added automatically to new domains
• View accurate system resource usage information
• Automatically notify customers and administrators when a customer uses more disk-space or bandwidth than they have been allotted.
• View Disk-space and Bandwidth usage statistics
• NEW! Cross-datacenter communication without the need for VPN
• NEW! Firewall Friendly
• NEW! Server Extensions allowing you to manage services such as Windows Processes, Windows Services, Windows Firewall and reboot your servers.
• NEW! View detailed server memory usage and hardware setup
• NEW! Re-boot and shutdown servers
• NEW! Configure Windows Firewall adding port exception and service exceptions, enabling and disabling firewall on server
• NEW! Control terminal services
• NEW! Monitor bad scripts running on your Windows services
• NEW! IIS management
• NEW! Automatically give site a static IP
• NEW! Automatic updates
• NEW! Simple, single-click module installations
• NEW! Improved Bandwith Tracking capabilities
• NEW! Backup/Restore
Customer Management
• Create hosting plans for resellers
• Setup billing information for resellers plans
• Specify resource limits including domains, bandwidth, disk-space, email accounts, etc.
• Set up extra features that resellers can purchase such as extra domains, extra bandwidth, etc.
• Be notified automatically when a customer purchases an extra feature
• Set resource limits that control exactly how much resource a reseller can use
• View accurate resource usage information
• View a list of customers that have subscribed to a given hosting plan
• Share Extra Features across multiple plans for easier configuration
• Manage all users from your administrator login
• Drill down into a reseller's account, their customers' accounts and individual domains
• Access all features and functionality of resellers and customers
• Create new users manually
• Search for users by account number, name, email, company name, status or account type
• Specify an account number prefix to help identify customers
• Set a minimum password length for increased security
• Enable/Disable remote auto-signup
• Enable/Disable Account Vetting
• Have an alert email sent to you when a new user account is created
• Customise welcome messages to be sent to new users
• Suspend, Cancel or Reactivate user accounts as needed
• Update a user's details and reset their password on their behalf
• Use Helm's inbuilt messaging system to communicate with your users
• Add/Remove Hosting Packages made available by a reseller for purchase
• View accurate resource usage information
• View a list of domains in a hosting package
• View Disk space and Bandwidth statistics
• View Extra features purchased or available for a hosting package
• Purchase more extra features (domains, email accounts, etc.) as needed
• Update Personal Details
• Reset Password
• Use the Internal Message System to view messages from reseller and administrator
• NEW! Helm 4's new notification system allows you to "tap" into any Helm event (such as when a domain is added to the system) and trigger notifications over multiple channels including email, sms, instant message, fax, and more.
• NEW! A complete signup shopping cart that can be "skinned" to look like their own site.
NEW! Customer Notes allow you to keep track of your todo list or important notes about a customers account.

• Enable Helm's own internal billing system or make use of a 3rd party billing solution
• Bill your customers in ANY currency
• Automatically generate new invoices for your customers X days before they are due
• Allow customers to pay during signup using Helm's Auto-signup Form
• Customise Helm's Auto-signup Form with your own Header and Footer HTML
• Specify Tax Rates to apply to your customers' invoices
• Specify an Invoice Prefix to help keep track of your customers' invoices
• Automatically send invoices to your customers when paid
• Send and View Invoices in either plain text or HTML format
• Customise invoices with your own headers and footers
• Automatically send your customers a customisable payment receipt when they make a payment online
• Allow your customer to pay using a variety of payment methods
• Choose from supported payment gateways for automatic recurring billing
• Send your customers payment reminders before and after their invoices are due
• Customise an email that is sent to your customers if their credit card payments fail
• Set up email notifications when extra features are purchased by your customers
• Configure a range of extra features for your customers to purchase such as additional domains, email accounts etc.
• Specify setup fees and recurring fees for hosting plans
• Make a payment using one of the payment options configured by reseller
• Manage Credit Cards
• View Billing Statements, Invoice and Payment details
• View Recurring Transactions
• NEW! Resellers can write own billing gateways including callback with no coding required
• NEW! More billing reports
• NEW! Ability to set up rules and tax bands
• NEW! Vouchers and promotions
• NEW! Pro rata and credit days
• NEW! New shopping cart system to allow people to put together orders of multiple products.
• NEW! A new shopping cart system and sign up wizard allows resellers to provide professional sign up processes that can include the ability for users to purchase multiple products from the start.
• NEW! Template invoices mean users can make their invoices look the way they want them to

Domain Management
• As an administrator or reseller you can view, edit and remove domains and domain registrations for any user in the system
• Add/Remove Domains
• Search for domains by domain name
• Manage FTP Accounts
• Use Helm's File Manager to manage website content online
• Create and Manage Virtual Directories
• Secure website folders
• Add/Remove Domain Aliases and Sub-Domains
• Use Helm's DNS Zone Editor to manage DNS Zone records (A, MX, CNAME, etc.)
• Add/Remove Databases and Database users with Helm's Database Manager. MySQL allows backup, download and restores for the end users)
• Manage MIME types
• Manage Custom Error Pages
• Install/Remove and Manage FrontPage Extensions
• Install/Remove Shared SSL
• Configure website settings including support for extensions such as ASP/PHP/Perl/etc, Directory Browsing, Permissions, etc.
• View Diskspace and Bandwidth usage information
• Create and Manage ColdFusion DSNs
• Manage IIS Default Documents
• Manage IIS Parent Paths
• Domain Forwarding
• NEW! Due to Helm's new module-based design it is now possible to support all custom features that each product may support.

• Specify minimum password lengths for a customer's account passwords
• Use an SSL certificate with Helm for secure data entry
• Create a list of Banned IP Address to block access to Helm
• NEW! IP Black Listing - stop troublesome individuals or only allow access from certain countries/areas to your control panel
• NEW! Password Policies - require your customers to use strong passwords to decrease probabilities of security exploits

System Configuration
• Use Helm's Configuration Tool to customise your Helm installation
• Set up Helm using MSDE (installed automatically with Helm) or Microsoft SQL Server
• Specify the install location for Helm System and files
• NEW! Helm Configuration Tool can update Helm using Helm's update service which allows you to choose a date and time to download updates, notify you when updates are available, and specify how many days after an update is released to wait before installing it
• NEW! Customise your own control panel
• NEW! Develop your own Helm 4 skin to make your control panel look and feel like your corporate site
• NEW! Write your own modules - Do what YOU want to do, get Helm to help you manage new products and services that other hosting companies just don’t offer!
• NEW! Threaded processing capability – improved performance. Helm can do more than one task at the same time to increase the speed of setting up domains etc.
NEW! Roll back support to clean up the system in the event of a failure to complete its tasks.

cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) combine to form a fully featured web hosting control panel system. cPanel and WHM allow you to provide an interface for both your customers and your staff.The cPanel and WebHost Manager package includes:
• cPanel - Domain Owner Control Panel
• WebHost Manager - Server Administration and Reseller Panel
• Webmail Panel - Webmail Access Panel
• Free Installation!
• Unlimited Domains per Server!
• Fully Brandable!
• Complete Server Administration Interface!
• Fully Featured Domain Owner Interface!
• Separate Server Administrator, Reseller, and Domain Owner Interfaces!
• Free Multi-Language Support!
• Free Virus Scanner!
• Free Game Servers!
Technology Overview
cPanel and WHM 11 allows your business to work on all levels. With four levels of access, you and your customers have access to the tools they need 24x7x365, from anywhere they have access to the internet.

WebHost Manager (WHM) [Server Administrator Login]: From WHM, you can provision accounts, tweak security settings, install addon software, and much much more. This interface provides access to the heart of the cPanel and WHM package and allows a Server Administrator to simply configure a few options and be on their way to hosting web sites.

WebHost Manager (WHM) [Reseller Login]: Resellers also get limited (configurable) access to WHM to create new domain owner accounts, backup accounts, and access to many other tools as determined by the Server Administrator.

cPanel [Domain Owner Login]: Within cPanel, a domain owner has all the tools they need to create an impressive web presence. They can add mail accounts, access their files, use website builders, add a blog to their site, and a whole lot more. With cPanel, your web hosting clients have access to a huge variety of hosting features that can put your hosting business, and their web site, on the map!

Mail [Mail User Login]: Every person who has a mail account on a cPanel domain has access to webmail, spam filtering, message filter, and many more settings so they can get a great mail experience.

Plesk is a comprehensive control panel solution used by leading hosting providers worldwide for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. The control panel is designed to simplify the management and administration of web sites. Plesk control panel automates a large number of tasks that allow service providers to reduce operating costs and resources while at the same time increasing profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
There are four login levels in Plesk with each level having its appropriate roles and responsibilities:
Administrator – The highest individual server level login which allows web hosting administrators to set up and manage all system items. Multiple servers can be centrally managed with the Master level login of Plesk Expand.
Client/Reseller – Second tier login account where the users are given domain creation rights from the System Administrator. Clients can administer to groups of domains using a single login.
Domain Owner – These are third tier individual domain owner accounts with predetermined permission sets and interface for single domain administration.
Mail User – This is the fourth tier individual mail account which allows the user to log in to their own private interface and manage passwords, spam filters, anti-virus settings and much more.
Innovative Ease of Use
Parallels Plesk control panel has a redesigned cleaner and easier to use interface. The control panel comes with many additional skins and even gives users the ability to design custom skins and manage them in the browser-based interface. In particular, the new desktop feature increases the usability and flexibility of the control panel significantly.
Highest Stability
Plesk has been specifically designed to be the most stable and secure control panel available. Plesk has been proven under fire managing 5 million plus domains globally and can support thousands of accounts per server increasing profitability.
Most Secure
Not only does Plesk control panel contain new security measures but also, existing security features have been improved. The control panel’s redesigned subsystem improves overall system security as well as support for 3rd party FTP servers that make secure uploads possible.
As the next step in Parallels's OPEN FUSION strategy, Plesk and Virtuozzo are seamlessly integrated. Also, Plesk control panel users will benefit from a new level of integration with other Parallels products, including Parallels Business Automation, Sitebuilder and Parallels System Automation. The completely customizable "Application Vault" can manage dozens of integrated applications including Ecommerce, Chat, and Bulletin Board.
Fully Automated
With 100+ new enhancements the control panel delivers a new ease of management through features like our key auto-update mechanism, auto-component updater, migration manager and a Web-based installation for quick deployment and dedicated need for support.
Advanced Linux/Windows Platform Support
Plesk for Linux/UNIX and Windows now have many common features, skins, application packs, language packs and documentation. Operating systems supported are Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora, FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows.
Language Support
Plesk is available in the following languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese Simplified and Russian.

Two options are available for payment of hosting accounts:

• Wire Transfer into our account can be made using the following details:

Account Number: 006 -086979-110 (US Dollars only)
Bank: HSBC Egypt.

• Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard or American Express Credit Card.
payment can be made at the time of ordering or at any time via our secure online payment facility.
If you are not comfortable providing your credit card number over the Internet you can use the first option wire transfer to make payment on an account.

Note: All payments made electronically must include the invoice number in the transaction reference. If you are making a payment over the counter at a bank branch, please advice via email on the day you make the payment to ensure the funds are attributed to your account.

All payments must be made within 7 days. On the 8th day a reminder will be sent via email notifying you that your account is due. After 9 days an overdue account reminder will be sent. If payment is not received within 10 days, access to your account will be suspended.