Please note, that the DRAC 5 Remote Management Card enable you to have a fully control on the server. So you can for example restart the server manually, operate in DOS mode, change the options in the setup mode, start & repair Windows in Safe mode and you can also install your own Windows Version from your locally  CD-Rom in your Office. You will never loss the connection with your server at all.
We recommend clients with more bandwidth needs to call us, so we can arrange the best suitable solution for their requests.
For Streaming Options please contact us to offer you many very suitable solutions.


 Here you’ll get a dedicated IP especially for the full control of your Server, you need just to write your username & password:



 There are many options to do. You can restart (reboot) your Server for example:


 Or you may need to install your own version from any operating system you have & also from your locally CD-Rom in your office as a virtual CD-Rom instead of the local real one in the server:


 You’ll see all the action via remote console as if the server on your own desk:


 You can even enter the setup mode to take any modifications in action:


 Sure you can use the console as the normal “Remote Desktop” from Windows, but more powerful..!!