Streaming Services

Hostware presents many services concerning direct and interactive streaming to your site on the internet and it is also our pleasure to present suggested practical examples of our offer which is available to you any time..


Ways to use:

  • For satellite or T.V' channels.
  • For internet portals.
  • For schools & small needs.


Types and Prices:

The Streaming service' cost depends on the number of users and the time of use so we'll sum up the prices' offer in the following sections:-

A: Private Servers

This service is usually directed to big portals and satellite channels. In the following we offer our streaming services for both:


Streaming for Portals:

Server Specs:

Dell PER410

Two ProcessorsIntel Quad Core Xeon L5520, 2.26Ghz, 8M Cache, Turbo, HT, 1066MHzMax Mem 

12.288 MB DDR3RAM, 1333MHz, DualRanked for 2 Processors 

2 x 500 GB SATA HDD + HardwareRAID1 (Optional up to 4 x 3.5” Hard Drives up to 1000 GB each)

or: 2 x 146 GB SCSI  (Optional up to 6 x SCSI Hard Drives)

iDRAC 6  Enterprise  -  RemoteManagement Card

UnlimitedIP’s (for justified needs, IP’s without traffic in 30 days will berevoked)

Windows 2003 Server -Standard Edition, IIS 6.0

Price: 200 USD Monthly(quarterly payment), -10% for yearly payments.

Setup: Free



Regarding the Bandwidth, you have to options byStarware:-


Bandwidth –Option 1: (Dedicated Bandwidth)


Costs monthly

Users by 6 kbps

Users by 16 kbps

Users by 32 kbps

25 mbps

400 $




50 mbps

700 $




100 mbps

1250 $




200 mbps

2350 $






Bandwidth –Option 2: (Used GigaBytes – 1 GB connection)


Costs monthly

1 TB (1x 1000 GB)

100 $

2 TB

200 $

3 TB

300 $

4 TB

400 $



Streaming for SAT-Channels: 

We'll concentrate here on its ways of use but we are there to receive your inquiry anytime even if it isn't related to this offer:


Advantages of streaming on the internet:

- Streaming in non satellite areas especially as internet became one of television watching means in many Arabian countries in our time.

- The ability of video on demand especially if it come with our financial system to this types of stream in which the customer pay only for what he watch either through cell phone or different credit cards.

- We also offer advertisement which cut off streaming according ordered advertisement' time plan.

  • These ads could be stream according to different countries for example, Saudi Arabia ' citizens will watch an advertisement belong to them while Morocco citizens are watching another ad... which strongly affects the abundance of ads in which the advertiser will pay less expensive coast because it's only directed to one country and not for whole Arab' nation for example and as a result the number of advertisers may be much more than the traditional T.V' advertisers.

  • The company which offer the stream' service could give the viewer a username and password to define every viewer authority so he can watch what he's just allowed to either according to the type of registration he 's submitted to or according to what he wants to watch. It is allowed to children, for example, to watch some programs and not to watch other particular programs.

  • This type of streaming can be called interactive television because the service' supporter can easily study the consuming behavior of the audience. For example, knowing the most viewed programs and who's watching them and the audience' type for every overcastted program and Etc

  • The show can be connected to any site and the screen can be set at any page on the site.

Quality of the service:

  • It's possible to present more than one quality level at the same time so every one can enjoy the service according to the strength of his internet' connection starting with 6 kb in a second (The least voice quality) to 300 kb in a second which is represent the usual quality for watching in America and Europe and it's always possible to raise this degree of quality anytime if our client asks for that.
  • The number of users which will be provided with this service according to the strength and quality of the internet connection and also according to the number of servers that our client ordered.
  • The stream can be connected to any site belong to you and the screen can be set in any page in the site.
  • We offer 24 hour' service.


Kindly ask about our financial offer for your specified request.



B: Small Channels


Here are some lists of prices in contrast to options:

16 Kilobit Stream

Simultaneous Users Maximum Bit Rate Monthly Rate
25 16 LE 50
50 16 LE 90
100 16 LE 170
200 16 LE 285
300 16 LE 390
400 16 LE 480
500 16 LE 560
600 16 LE 630
700 16 LE 700
800 16 LE 770
900 16 LE 835
1000 16 LE 900

8 Kilobit Stream

Simultaneous Users Maximum Bit Rate Monthly Rate
25 8 LE 25
50 8 LE 50
100 8 LE 90
200 8 LE 170
300 8 LE 230
400 8 LE 285
500 8 LE 340
600 8 LE 390
700 8 LE 440
800 8 LE 480
900 8 LE 520
1000 8 LE 560